Re: Brake (Anvil) Rubbing Tire

Jay Scheevel

That’s good. A photo would be very helpful.





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It is so dark up in the wheel well that I couldn't get a good one.  I will take my endoscope camera out there next time and get a photo/video.  



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You have a pix?


N46JP - Q200


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Hey guys,


Some of you saw my photos of the dried brake fluid on my brake caliper and now I have another brake related issue I need your experience to help with.  First, I was able to get the caliper all cleaned up and everything looks good so I am going to keep an eye out for small leaks. 


Now my problem is that the anvil (inside part of the brake caliper) is rubbing up against the tire.  No matter how I try and line it up it still rubs the tire just enough to stop it from spinning freely.  I even thought maybe I have too much air in the tire causing it to bulge out too far.  I will double check that in coming days just in case.  I thought I might could get a grinder and grind down the anvil a 1/4 inch or so.....


Any other thoughts?  I am certain the anvil is correctly installed onto the caliper and the bolts have no issues lining up and going in.  









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