Re: Oil leak - Cylinder Base

Bruce Crain

After pulling the number 4  cylinder and putting o rings on the front two through bolts I tested it out today.  After the 1st flight the leak was worse!!  I pulled it back into the hanger and pulled the cowling. 
The leak was coming from the #4 cylinder!  Piffle!!  But I did notice it was coming from the rocker box cover.  I had reused the silicone gasket and knew that was probably the culprit!  So I pulled the rocker cover and could see a small chunk out of the gasket.  I located the chunk in the tin bucket underneath to catch the oil so I knew it wasn't in the crank case.  I put a  new silicone rocker cover gasket on it and flew it again for about  3 tenth of an hour.  When I looked under the fuz there was not any oil showing!!!!  After all these years I finally have a DRY BELLY!
Kevin Boddecker I am still working towards your Spring Fling and this is the biggest fix that needed to be done.  I am also working on a couple of other cosmetics things plus I will continue to up date on my sparrow strainer stall.  I am thinking I need to re-position the zig zag tape further back on the apex of the strainer to see if that works differently.  Will let you know when I get a chance to test that.
 Great day to fly!  Not much wind and 68 degrees!
What a great airplane!
Bruce Crain 

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