Re: Cowl Exit Augmentation

Richard Thomson

Hi Bruce,

That sounds interesting, can you put some pictures up of it installed, when you do it, it will help me understand how it works ?

Rich T

On 28/03/2020 00:06, Bruce Crain wrote:
I am finally finishing my cowl exit augmenter so I wanted to touch on a couple of things about it.
The fiberglass part in this picture lowers the exit below where the original hung. It not only opens it up at the aft end it also lowers it below the oil bladder which obstructs the outflow quite a bit.
The other picture with the orange baffling material is a big help also. All of this helps the TriQ family as the nose gear descends through the bottom of the cowling. The opening for the gear leg lets a lot of high pressure come into the cowl blocking the exit air. Having flown the original and this retro-fit I can tell you it lowers my cylinder head temps and especially my oil temps.
Just sayin’
Bruce Crain
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