Re: Cowl exit mods

Martin Skiby

Looks Great Bruce


From: "Bruce Crain"
Sent: Monday March 30 2020 2:02:20PM
Subject: [Q-List] Cowl exit mods

I finished filling primer and paint on my new cowl mod today. As you can see it dips down a bit more and at the aft end it flips down more. Also the red baffling material slopes down and wraps the gear leg so that none of the high pressure under the cowl can push up into the exit. The cht’s are a good 35 to 45 degrees cooler. The oil is much cooler also but I don’t have a good way to evaluate that number. I heard Mike Busch say at Oshkosh “there is no such thing as to cool with reference to cylinder Temps”!

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