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Mike Dwyer

Well, they say 46,774 have died in the US.  Population is about 340 million.  So that's 0.01375 percent of the population so far.  You'd have to know 7,269 people to find one that died...
As you, I don't know anyone who has died or is even sick.

One thing that is interesting is that Iceland tested 17,900 people without picking just sick ones.  They found 50% of the people who tested positive did not show any symptoms.  This is critical info that says you can't screen by testing the temperature or asking about if people feel well.

I'm starting a rumor that there is no CoronaVirus above 5000' AGL...

Mike Dwyer

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On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 4:57 PM Jim Patillo <Logistics_engineering@...> wrote:
Good afternoon fellas,

I know this is way off topic for our group but I've been doing a query of people I know across this country and haven't found one person that knows someone (personally) who contracted and died from Covid19. To further that, I would like to ask the same question of you. Yes or no.

I find this kind of weird.

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