Re: Plans Shrinkage

Patrick Panzera

I just noticed the message title (plan shrinkage), so forgive me for butting in, especially if someone else has already offered to help, but I have a large format scanner, and if someone sent me a good "original" print and the proper dimensions, I could scan it and Photoshop it to be the correct size and convert it to a PDF for anyone to have printed locally and it would be as accurate as possible - maybe even as accurate as the draftsman intended.


On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 6:29 PM <dustinlanell@...> wrote:
Checked BL-0 and BL-100 and compared to plans. Both are 1.5% longer in length. That's 3/16" longer @C.L.  and 1/8" on the tip template. This measured from the front of spar to LE along the level line. The spar radius seems to match perfectly...even tried the templates on the spar at their respective places. They seem to fit.
Bruce, I haven't cut the cores yet. 


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