Re: QuIckie Q2 Project

Eugen Pilarski

Hello Jay,

thank you very much for your note. The both website I visit already, the Canard and Jon site is listed in my investigation actions at my first email. They a tons of Information for some one that have already a Q2 in the air or are in current stage of restoration. So the data are already on my desk and double check, but in the end I need the Bulkheads scans to build up the 3D model of Fuselage.They are still missing on Jons site or the information are not clear or measurement are missing. That was the reason I choice to buy the Plans form Quickheads and on the other site to support the guys there.

In the canard forum I ask Jon Match with an PM message to support me, we will see what happened. 

So I was still read the tons of information that are already placed here in that community , deep dive and spend much of my quality time, but I´m stil not really experienced to use a mailing list. Because that grow up in that time I start use Forum like the Canard or Quickheads style. 

So it is a pleasure to get in touch with the community. Thank you.

Best regards from home office in Germany


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