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Jim Patillo


Thanks for the connection to Buddy. He is a hoot!

I talked with Buddy at D&B Aviation in OkCity. He suggested a slight chamfer on the case where the thru bolt comes out of the case. He said that was so the o ring could seat about 1/3rd of the way Into the case without cutting it. Did you do that?

N46JP - Q200

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Hi Bruce,


Glad to hear your great report. Keep knocking off those little to-do projects and you will not be able to stop smiling.


About crosswinds: I have to admit that my visit to Enid last September was the first time I landed with any significant cross-wind. It was not an option at Woodring, since that was my destination, and only one runway was open, so I just set up and landed it… with no issues. I was surprised how well the Tri-Q handled the 90 degree 10-13 knot crosswind that day. Worst problem I had was taxiing back on the parallel taxiway and trying to keep it from weathervaning with the castering nose wheel.


Working on building my wheel fairings now. Need for speed, don’t ya know. Finally got my “user error” repaired starter back on and tested…all good.





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I flew N96BJ today and can say that it is up and running without any problems.  I have no oil on the belly after putting the o ring on the case half bolts on the left front!  It was 75 degrees F today and my temps were plenty cool for CHT and oil Temps!  The finished exit ramp on the bottom of the cowl looks great if you're standing back about 10 feet!


I am also getting the zig zag dialed in for cruise and alleviating the sparrow strainer stall!  I washed off all of the bugs today so I am feeling pretty good about it all!


I flew 1/2 hour today with gusting winds of 19 to 25 mph without any problem!  Yeah this TriQ is great with high winds and cross winds.  It is a lot more of a chore with the RV6 taildragger!


Bring it on Kevin Boddecker!  I am ready.!!

Spring Fling!  Woo hoo!


Bruce Crain


PS I think Honey Lamb is ready to travel somewhere as soon as this  Covid is over!

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