Re: Ready for Spring Fling!!

Jay Scheevel

One of my favorite photos Jim! Give my best to Bob F, next time to you see him.





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N46JP Q200




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Any Flights of 2 or more need to keep at least 6 feet apart!

Mike Dwyer


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We might have to rendezvous with Jay Scheevel somewhere 1/2 way there and come in 2 ship!


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Speaking of the Fling, the virus and the gvmt will determine if it can happen. I won't give up until the last second. 

Also talked with Mike, aprt mgr, on Sunday. From a distance! He said that due to Keith Kerr's death, Keith's wife is looking to get rid of his Q2 project. Don't know much for details. I believe it was built in the Iowa City area. Maybe Greg Zimmerman could shed some light on the plane. Anyway, Mike though she might give the plane to a good home.

More details as they surface.


Spring Fling May 15,16,17, 2020. Be there (KDEH)or we will talk about you!


Kevin Boddicker

TriQ200 N7868B

506 hrs.

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I flew N96BJ today and can say that it is up and running without any problems.  I have no oil on the belly after putting the o ring on the case half bolts on the left front!  It was 75 degrees F today and my temps were plenty cool for CHT and oil Temps!  The finished exit ramp on the bottom of the cowl looks great if you're standing back about 10 feet!


I am also getting the zig zag dialed in for cruise and alleviating the sparrow strainer stall!  I washed off all of the bugs today so I am feeling pretty good about it all!


I flew 1/2 hour today with gusting winds of 19 to 25 mph without any problem!  Yeah this TriQ is great with high winds and cross winds.  It is a lot more of a chore with the RV6 taildragger!


Bring it on Kevin Boddecker!  I am ready.!!

Spring Fling!  Woo hoo!


Bruce Crain


PS I think Honey Lamb is ready to travel somewhere as soon as this  Covid is over!

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