Flight Report

Mike Dwyer

Wow. it's been a while sense last flying.  Our local airport closed RWY 9-27.  I guess they didn't want to re-pave it.  I kinda hated that runway anyway...  But then they decided to pave the intersecting end where the last two runways were.  Then they closed the good runway 4-22 and left all the Training flights, Air Carriers, Coast Guard choppers and C130's to fight it out.  The ground controllers have aged 10 years.  The tower folks are doing fine, just keep em circling!  

Then came COVID!  At least aviation is critical.  But what happened is COVID grounded most of the air carriers.  It might have really slowed down the coast guard also as I didn't see any of them at the airport.  I'd say we are back to the traffic count from 1980.

So planning on a long and hot taxi I fired up the Q200.  Luckily they were using RWY 36 so that's my shortest taxi.  No 3 min wake turbulence delays!  Got right off.  Flew about an hour, all the way down our beaches from Tarpon Springs FL to Egmont Key.  Our beaches are closed.  So from the water to the high tide line is the only place people can be.  How did these people get on the beach?  Some took boats, that's ok.  Most cheated the system.

Anyway a beautiful day for aviating, 80F, clear sky, 7K cross wind.  Check out the video I shot.  Unfortunately most of the video was shot pointing into the sun which kinda wrecks it.  And my front camera died pretty early so it didn't get the landing...  Still I needed proof.  I took out the parts the feds might not have liked 😬  

Get your Q done while your on Furlough!

Mike Dwyer

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