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I’m standing by for the dust and virus to settle.
Cool pictures . Maybe Roger can help me with the tips when I’m finally here with the new one.


On Apr 8, 2020, at 5:55 PM, Jim Patillo <Logistics_Engineering@...> wrote:

Hi Mike, yes BABY homes in on Auburn well cause she wants to go home!😊.

Hang in there buddy. One of those guys should cut loose soon and you will be representing us in Vegas before you know it.

Maybe we should turn it into a fast single seat with side stick and storage on both sides. I use to fly around with a pax alot
But last couple years, just me. Just sayin’

Check out this Berkut 360. He showed up this am. I think he resides in Mohave. The rear winglets are about 4’ tall. Kinda weird. 
I wonder how much induced drag that creates. 


N46JP Q200

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