Re: Q1 Project

Tristan Vincent-Philpot

Zero motorcycles powertrain. 2014 SR model. 11.4kWh Battery, BMS, 67hp motor, controller, ‘Throttle’, display, etc. The powertrain wont know it’s not in a motorcycle.

Started the research for Project SQuERTA (Facebook page) back in 2014, bought the Q1 minus FWF in 2016, bought the motorcycle in 2018, spent nearly two years out of the country. Now back and hoping to make progress later this year. In the meantime other people have overtaken and are blazing a trail. I wish them the very best of luck. Someone needs to reach the finish line and demonstrate what can be done.

Stalled for lack of cash/other priorities, but definitely still on the to-do list.


On Apr 9, 2020, at 12:12 PM, Keith Welsh <klw494@...> wrote:

Just curious, could you tell us a little about the engine?

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