Re: Watch “Dr. Steve’s first solo flight in his Q2 - 1989” on Vimeo

Dorothea Keats

I have watched  Dr Steve flight several times. Each time I get anxious and can feel my stomach churn.

 I can empathize with him as I have had some interesting experiences.

Watching the video, I applaud Dr Steve for not giving up and learning every time he goes around.

 If you do the right thing , that's great, if you do the wrong thing, you will soon learn to do the right thing, and if you do nothing, you are wasting your time.

  Although video distorts a lot, it appears as if he is always high, tries to get it down and gets too much speed and then can't slow down to land.

 He obviously learned and flew many hrs. It's a great video.------------  Chris

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