Re: Panel Dimensions for Q200

Jay Scheevel

Hi Corbin,


There was a template in the Q2 plans. That said, I doubt that anyone’s panel actually matches that, since that is the most likely place in the plane for the builder to “leave his own signature”.  I would suggest getting some thin poster poster board and cutting it into 1” wide strips, following the general curve of the perimeter of the panel, then taping these, end to end with masking tape that laps over the angle between the panel and the fuselage, or just follows the panel if it does not intersect the fuselage. By cutting carefully with a razor knife along the tape in the corner where it joins laps onto the fuselage, you will have the shape/curve of the panel. Then lay it on a table and measure the bottom of the panel width, then put another piece of posterboard across the bottom to make sure the bottom of the panel is the same width. This should give you a good shape to work with. Good luck.





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Does anyone have the dimensions for the panel; assuming there is a standard?  Or a clever way of measuring without taking it out?  I would like to start planning an avionics  upgrade...slowly.





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