Re: KITPLANES - September 2006 - Las Vegas Quickie

Jay Scheevel

The general rule of thumb is 10 lb./horsepower for wing-loading similar to the Q2. The original Q2 was 1000 lb. gross with 85 horsepower engine (some would say more like 75-80 horsepower from the original Revmaster). So the ratio was demonstrated to be about 12.5 lb./hp on the prototype (80 hp). Once the dust settled on the design specs for the Q-200 w/ LS1, the factory approved gross weight was 1200 lb. for the 100 hp 0-200 engine. The Q2 with LS-1 and revmaster was raised to 1100 lb gross weight, or 13.75 lb/hp (assuming 80 hp revmaster). So 1325 would be at the high end of that range for 100 hp. (although exceeding the QAC specs) That is more than I would want to carry, but I think some in this group have demonstrated over1300 lb. gross near sea level.





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Yes, sorry, gross weight. Interesting that the article shows a 1325 lb gross.

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