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Jim Patillo


N46JP has a 740 lb. empty weight and 1325 lb. gross weight which I established during flight tests.

It has an O200 that has been been pumped up from 6:7.1 to 9:4.1 with ceramic coated Lycon pistons and polished, ported and flow balanced Millinum cylinders. The plane has dual Lightspeed Plasma III ignitions, (no mags) and a reflexor which balances loads in flight. Engine has a 4 into 1 ceramic coated exhaust.

The plane has a 15 gallon main tank, 5 gallon header tank and removable 6.5 gallon Aux tank for long cross country trips.

When the plane is loaded to gross, the cg shifts full aft to the rear of the envelope, making the plane very light on the controls. On a long cross country I typically burn off about 30 minutes of fuel, then start transferring fuel from the Aux  tank in the storage area behind the pax to the main tank. The cg moves forward and the control feel returns to normal.Hope that clears it up for you.

N46JP Q200

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The general rule of thumb is 10 lb./horsepower for wing-loading similar to the Q2. The original Q2 was 1000 lb. gross with 85 horsepower engine (some would say more like 75-80 horsepower from the original Revmaster). So the ratio was demonstrated to be about 12.5 lb./hp on the prototype (80 hp). Once the dust settled on the design specs for the Q-200 w/ LS1, the factory approved gross weight was 1200 lb. for the 100 hp 0-200 engine. The Q2 with LS-1 and revmaster was raised to 1100 lb gross weight, or 13.75 lb/hp (assuming 80 hp revmaster). So 1325 would be at the high end of that range for 100 hp. (although exceeding the QAC specs) That is more than I would want to carry, but I think some in this group have demonstrated over1300 lb. gross near sea level.





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Yes, sorry, gross weight. Interesting that the article shows a 1325 lb gross.

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