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Jay Scheevel

Hi Reg,


Long time, no hear. What is the status of your previous ride, that beautiful Expresso Subi-Q2? 





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To Corbin,

What I’ve done meany times is sand the foam out from the bottom side with from 40 to 80 grit sandpaper and remove and make a pocked so your can lower your pelvis down. Take it slow a little at time.  When I make seats I use closed cell high density furniture foam and you can get it in soft to firm. Density at least 2.5 

I’m in the upholstery business and have made meany seats

If it’s the memory foam in there it may be more difficult to sand but give it a try


Sincerely, Reg C




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The memory foam is designed to be stiff until it warms up to your body.  Then it softens and will let you down a bit.  You may need to tighten your seat belt a bit when it lets down.

You could develop a slump for a while.  No you don't have to "sit up straight" like in elementary school.  wink_smile

If you have multiple strips of memory foam as per plans you can always take out 1 or two.  I think 3 is the norm but I only used 1 of the stiffer choices as when it softens it is best to have the stiffer type.  You may need to have your upholsterer take it down a notch.  

As Jay stated my seats are very comfortable mostly due to the lay back angle doesn't put much pressure on my Popo!  red_smile


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