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Martin Skiby


Take some foam out!   Or like Bruce said it will relax in time.   Interior looks great!!!



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Thanks Bruce.  I hadn’t thought about temperature affecting the foam.  I’m learning so much from this group!


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The memory foam is designed to be stiff until it warms up to your body.  Then it softens and will let you down a bit.  You may need to tighten your seat belt a bit when it lets down.
You could develop a slump for a while.  No you don't have to "sit up straight" like in elementary school.  wink_smile
If you have multiple strips of memory foam as per plans you can always take out 1 or two.  I think 3 is the norm but I only used 1 of the stiffer choices as when it softens it is best to have the stiffer type.  You may need to have your upholsterer take it down a notch.  
As Jay stated my seats are very comfortable mostly due to the lay back angle doesn't put much pressure on my Popo!  red_smile

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