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Comment on foam, 
If the foam is a cheaper (low density) and or open cell foam it will compress over time and stop bouncing back. If it’s a good quality foam ( high density closed cell furniture foam type) it’s may take years for it to compress because it keeps pushing back according to pressure on it there for can be comfortable but it needs to be shaped. What I would consider is taking out foam and sanding it down and dish out the foam  with 40 to 80 grit sandpaper to the shape you want move. 

Reg C

On Apr 15, 2020, at 07:38, Corbin via <c_geiser@...> wrote:

Yes, basically the weights will help it compress once body weight is on it.  Otherwise, it expands again when no weight is on it.  In other words, my new seats and my old seats are the same thickness  when  side by side and no weight.  But the old seats compress much more since they are already broken in.


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Hmm, so compressing the foam with weights if successful will not make the leather to loose ? After having flown on several seat iterations to much foam is worse than not enough (6’3”) only one seat has to be modified. Short term pain $ long term gain of fitting in your airplane. These are built around the pilot and over stuffed seats are a common mistake. Airplanes designed by short people with oversized tall people there is not much room for foam. Your upholstery guy does not have to sit on them all day and can’t move.

One Sky Dog

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I had discussed taking some foam out with the upholstery shop.  Basically, the seats would have to be rebuilt (else the leather would be too loose and not look good).  So they just advised weighting it down and speeding up the compression.   


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Take some foam out!   Or like Bruce said it will relax in time.   Interior looks great!!!



On Apr 14, 2020, at 7:24 AM, Corbin via <c_geiser@...> wrote:

Thanks Bruce.  I hadn’t thought about temperature affecting the foam.  I’m learning so much from this group!


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The memory foam is designed to be stiff until it warms up to your body.  Then it softens and will let you down a bit.  You may need to tighten your seat belt a bit when it lets down.
You could develop a slump for a while.  No you don't have to "sit up straight" like in elementary school.  wink_smile
If you have multiple strips of memory foam as per plans you can always take out 1 or two.  I think 3 is the norm but I only used 1 of the stiffer choices as when it softens it is best to have the stiffer type.  You may need to have your upholsterer take it down a notch.  
As Jay stated my seats are very comfortable mostly due to the lay back angle doesn't put much pressure on my Popo!  red_smile

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