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Richard Thomson

    Thanks Jay.

Rich T

On 22/04/2020 18:56, Jay Scheevel wrote:

Hi Guys,


I was going through some DVD’s that I created a number of years ago and I dug up one that I made in 2005 and had forgotten about. It is excerpted from video and photos I took when I went with my oldest son, Thomas. He was 12 at the time, and it was a wonderful trip for both of us. A number of circumstances conspired to create a circumstance that made it extra special for us. None of these did we know about in advance of planning our trip….it just happened. The list is follows:


  1. Scaled/Rutan brought White Knight, Spaceship One, and the Global Flyer to the show.


  1. Burt also brought a large number of Scaled employees to OSH.


  1. Chris Weiser was one of the ones who came to OSH with Burt. He is a mechanical engineer who worked for Burt for 20 years. He is also the nephew of a family friend here in Grand Junction (his aunt taught both of my boys 3rd grade).


  1. We had previously met Chris at his Aunt’s house where he gave Thomas a Voyager pin that had flown to space on the first Spaceship One suborbital flight.


  1. When we were “outside the rope” looking White Knight and Spaceship One and taking in the afternoon airshow, Chris happened to see us and brought us inside of the security for a personal tour.


As a result of all of these things happening, my son now has his fingerprints on the nose of Spaceship One that is hanging in the Smithsonian…. Since that was the next stop after OSH 2005


I had forgotten that I put this DVD together and sent a copy to Chris Weiser as a thank you. He retired from Scaled the next year. I have converted the DVD (26 minutes into an online video and put it on my website. Here is the link to the video, so you can watch it if you want. There is the usual menacing Oshkosh thunderstorm, where you will see our tent where we camped next to my old Cherokee. There is also a nice intro by Paul Allen in the evening program. Paul Allen passed away last year, but went on to start the Stratolaunch program after this and Matthew Curcio now works on that project. The photo montage in the last 1/3 of the video contains a nice photo of my son standing in front of Bob Malechek’s beautiful Q200.  Hope you enjoy watching.







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