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I have some of the plane drawn up in solidworks I’d be willing to team up with someone and get it finished up. I have my own Q2 to finish and I like to do things right the first time. Sorry I know this is an older message and I don’t respond often.



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If you read the part of the plans about installing the bulkheads, they allow the builder to vary the angle and size of that bulkhead to compensate for pilot size. There is also some variation allowed in the forward/back position of the main tank for the same reason.  I would just suggest rotating the base of the bulkhead backward until it intersects the fuselage. The original plan required a lot of cutting and fitting. The 4 fuselage shells were oversized and needed to be trimmed and there were no marks to help the builder do this, only small drawings. There was a lot of work involved to get a good fit between fuselage and bulkheads. No two of these planes are identical once they are complete.


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Yup, that’s right. Do you have a angel between the seat bulkhead top und bottom? Not sure which angle they should? Something else between 130° and 150° maybe?




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Your seatback bulkhead (the inclined portion) needs to intersect the bottom of the fuselage. 





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Here we go :-)





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