Re: Update: Faucet Fuel Pump Ticking Sound w/ Plenty of Fuel

Hi Corbin
I have 3 Faucet pumps on my Tr Q. They also click and tick. I’ve never thought anything of it. Even when I installed my 3rd, it made the same noise.
Hope this helps
Ady    G-FARY.   UK

On 29 Apr 2020, at 14:29, Corbin via <c_geiser@...> wrote:

I couldn't find my previous thread on this so thought  I would start a new one.  My transfer pump (Faucet), when running with  plenty of fuel in the main tank, now clicks/ticks just like when the fuel is low (air).  To be sure it wasn't the fuel pump starting to fail, I went ahead and replaced it with a new one since that is a cheap and easy process.  However, the new one also clicks/ticks.  It seems to be pumping plenty of fuel as it will quickly start to return from the header, as normal.  

So, it seems the next thing to check for is air in the lines somewhere......but how/where  do I start on that?



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