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I’m a Q200wannabe but have a sonex. Our group has been doing this for a while now. I was at my hangar with my I phone on my normal Verizon network and it works great. Just need some earbuds 
Great idea!


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You don't need wifi, just your smartphone, assuming you get a wireless signal. Today Kevin and I did a trial run with both of us on our phones and it was fine.

I'd like to keep this live. 


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Great idea guys. I am game to host one of these sometime down the road, but since I cannot get WiFi at my home field/hangar, would it be possible to share a video of the tour and discuss it interactively from my computer at my office? I think that zoom has the capability of sharing a screen to show the pretaped video on.


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Please join Kevin Boddicker and myself for our first Q-List Zoom meeting, to take place at this Saturday, 9:00 am,  May 23, Central Daylight Savings Time, USA (GMT-5). Kevin will broadcast from his hangar and give us a tour of his beautiful TriQ-200. The connection link is at the bottom of this email.
I was thinking that this might be a great way for members of this group to show their Quickie projects, either in the shop or flying. In the allotted time, Quickie enthusiasts could show their aircraft, then maybe have a question and answer session. Zoom has a feature where you can submit questions via chat.
The way we envision it, we would have an aircraft or shop tour, on a somewhat regular (monthly, semi-monthly?) by someone taking their smartphone or computer to the hangar and give us all a tour. With the freebie Zoom app we are limited to 100 participants and 40 minutes of air time, which I think are good numbers.  And by the way, I will be looking for more volunteers to show off their projects.
Zoom conferencing is supposed to work without using their app, but seems to function better with it installed. You can get the download here:
Here are some general guidelines.
    • Do not log in until 08:59.
    • Leave your mic on mute.  It is up to you if you want to use your video or not.
    • You may ask Kevin questions via the Zoom chat function. (Do not use your mic). You will send them to me, then I’ll pass on to Kevin. For more info: 
    • Zoom automatically stops the meeting after 40 minutes have elapsed.
We are new to this, so please forgive the rough edges. 
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Topic: First Q-List Zoom meeting - featuring Kevin Boddicker
Time: May 23, 2020 09:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada)
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