Re: Q-List Zoom meeting now uploaded to YouTube

Rick Hole

I greatly enjoyed watching the video!  Thanks to all and especially Kevin.

I haven’t posted in ages and many new participants will not know me. 

My ratings are PP SEL Instrument, past CFI-LS, 500+ hours.

My trade is Electrical Engineer.  My last 12 years in the workforce was with Velocity working for Scott Swing.  My main duties were electrical and electronic systems but in a small operation we did most everything.

I built and installed a new panel for Scott’s N1711Q after re re-acquired it.  Another coworker and I bought a virgin Q2 kit and began to build it.  When he left us to get married I inherited that kit.  It was later necessary to sell it before completion.

When I retired I moved to Honduras where there is practically no general aviation.  I once saw a C172 in the pattern at the military airport south of Tegucigalpa.  There are few airports other than the four internationals and they rarely see flight operations.  The country is mountainous and there are few places for emergency landings.

At 69 years it seems my flying days are likely finished.

But flying remains in my blood.

I smiled when Kevin spoke of his NACA scoops.  I made many of them for the light sport market and had ten molds for mass production.


Rick Hole

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