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Jay Scheevel

Hi Bruce,


Just a note concerning the EGT and CHT thermocouples passing through the firewall. I originally planned to run the EGT and CHT connections through the large connector that Corbin showed (same as mine). I nixed this idea after reading Bob Nuckols articles. He noted that it is possible to break the thermocouple wire and insert a connector of different metal, but if one side of the junction is hotter or cooler than the other side of the junction (like going through the firewall), this temperature difference across the junction will distort the temperature that the instrument reads. I avoided this issue by using male and female plugs at the firewall that are constructed of the same metals as the thermocouple, so essentially there is no junction. Let me know if you want to use some of these connectors and I will send you the details. They are not fireproof, but they are laboratory quality, so I felt comfortable using them.





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Corbin and Jay this might be just the right stuff!  Do you think the barbs will connect a strong enough signal for egt/cht ie tight enough for good transmission for those gauges?  Also, what diameter are the thru connects?

Thank you!

Bruce Crain
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