Second Q-List Zoom meeting this coming Saturday, June 6 - featuring Sam Hoskins' Q-200

Sam Hoskins

We will be having our second Q-List Zoom meeting this coming Saturday, June 6. I will be showing my Q-200, Plastic Explosive, or as my wife calls it, The Fiberglass Bitch. Paul Fisher will be the moderator. Again, this meeting will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. I think you can see it here:


The Zoom meeting time will be 09:00 Central Daylight Savings Time, USA (GMT-5). The link is at the bottom of this email. I suggest you download the Zoom app before joining the event.


After this coming event, we will probably go to a once-a-month presentation. If you are interested in presenting your aircraft or project, shoot me an email off-line at sam.hoskins@... and we’ll put you on the list. BTW, there are four of us who are kind of a Zoom steering committee.


We appreciate the positive comments from our first showing with Kevin Bodicker and his beautiful Tri-Q. Several people said they wanted more of a chat format. This session will be similar to the last one, where the moderator feeds the presenter with questions. However, when our 40 minutes is up and the Zoom meeting ends, you may click the same link and reopen the meeting. We’ll un-mute everyone and it will be more of a free for-all chat environment. This session will not be recorded or uploaded.


As always, if you have follow-up questions that aren’t answered in the Zoom meeting, start a new topic and ask them here on the Q-List.


  • Do not log in until 08:59.

  • Leave your mic on mute. It is up to you if you want to use your video or not.

  • You may ask Kevin questions via the Zoom chat function. (Do not use your mic). You will send them to me, then I’ll pass on to Kevin. For more info:

  • Zoom automatically stops the meeting after 40 minutes have elapsed


Paul Fisher is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 2nd Q-List Zoom Meeting - featuring Sam Hoskins(GMT-5)
Time: Jun 6, 2020 09:00 AM Central Time (US and Canada) 

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