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Sam Hoskins

Thanks Rik.

In the early days of flying my Qq-200 I was actively involved with Rich's Incredible Pyro, doing airshow pyrotechnics all over the country (and international) and I put on a log of hours doing that. Also I was busy in the air racing.  And I have to say, after that incident where I broke my canard took a little wind out of my sails.

Three rear wings, and two front wings a.k.a.canards.

As far as the biggest gain? That's a common question, but not an easy answer.  Going faster is really a series of steps, each adding it's own part. The biggest gain was for me to decide that I wanted to go faster, then to start taking a critical look at everything on the plane and doing what I could to make it more efficient. Then start chipping away at it. You have to decide to decide.


On Sun, Jun 7, 2020 at 3:46 PM Rik <Info@...> wrote:
Sam, loved hearing about your plane. Unfortunately I do not have a good enough internet connection at home to view live so YT is greatly appreciated.

You were in the middle of telling us why you do not fly as much when you received a question. 

What would you rank as the most important changes you made to increase the speed?  Any trade offs that you didn’t like?

You mentioned that you have made three different wings (canards] and two different upper wings. We’re the canards changed due to the spin out and the pedal issue or was there a change from a GU to LS1 or a change to a totally different wing? Upper wing changes due to?

Thanks for standing in front of the camera for 40 minutes, could have been longer!!!

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