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Frankenbird Vern

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 William has manufactured a few mounts for the Q200 and D-Fly. Contact him directly and perhaps consider the base mount he offers for the Corvair case as a foundation on your mount. 

 I also will be using this engine on my project(s).  One unit is destined for undercowl a Cappela XS2 Light Sport I own (STOL). 

 The other..a Q2 fuselage based tandem wing design...been built and flown before...known as a Frankenbird. 

Mannford Ok

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Jon Swenson has a corvair engine on his Tri-Q.


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The only Corvair in a Q-2 I know about was Joseph Snow. He cracked his up on his first flight, it was basically underpowered. Maybe Richard Kazmerick knows of others. 

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I am looking for measurements and drawings for construction of an engine mount for a corvair engine on the Q-200.  I know several have been constructed and would appreciate the contact information for those members if they are part of this group.

Larry Wade

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