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Jay Scheevel

Sounds good, Lynn. So both of us are penciled in for a definite “maybe”.





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I would love to come out that weekend and am going to put it on my calendar. But as Kevin can attest, I am not very reliable. If the weather lined up for many other reasons such that I can bail out for a while then I will plan the trip. 


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Hi Kevin,


I think that I will try to make it. On planning a route, I see that Broken Bow is pretty much on the way for me. I wonder if Lynn is planning on coming? If so, maybe we could fly together. If Bruce wants to fly a little out of his way, maybe he could meet us both there and we could fly in as a Tri-ship of Tri-Q’s





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Bruce keeps gently prodding me, see his closing remark, to pick a date for the delayed Fling.

I am open.




                July 17,18, 19 would have been the WE before what would have been OSH.

                July 17 - 21 with emphasis on the weekend, but stay as long as you can stand it.


I picked that time, as it would be the same time, as most planning to attend OSH would have time off. The next WE would be a rush to get home and back to work. 


Remember work all you old retired BAST..DS?


So, Bruskiskavitch there you have it. Hope the attendance will be great! 


It can’t rain for five days can it?


Plenty of motels in Decorah.


Super 8  older

Quality Inn older

Country Inn & Suites nice

Fairfield Inn new

Hotel Winneshiek (Downtown) very old, nostalgic, expensive but nice 


Lets see a show of hands boys and girls.


Mike Dwyer, its only 1187' above sea level. Yesterday DA was 2200’.



Kevin Boddicker
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Sorry I couldn’t’t catch the Zoom meet but I did jump on YouTube!  Had a funeral for an “old friend” (who was actually younger than me). 

Great job Sammy!  Your perseverance is unmatched as well as your speed in rebuilding and airspeed!  

Hope to see you in July!




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