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A BIG Cake!  Yup,  i just pulled out the DVD that i made for the 20th annual Fly-in and it was held Sept 24-26 2010.  Same with the T shirts we had made for that year, i just pulled mine out too, yup, i stil have it!  :-)  and same thing, the 20th annual event was in 2010. So , if i'm counting in base 10, this year should be the 30th....  big milestone for us!  Definitely something to celebrate!

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Howdy to all from Oklahoma and apparently "The Tiger Capitol of the World"!  teeth_smile
Say Alan Thayer and I were batting it around and thought we should ask if anyone knows what years this is for the  Quickie Gathering?
Alan is speculating it is the 30th.  And I don't have a clue.
Maybe we should bake a cake!
Bruce Crain

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