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Mike Dwyer

Been there.  Yes, when coming in too hot I have held it off too long and if you hit tail wheel first it slams the mains onto the runway.  The opposite is, If you touch down too fast, that will result in a bounce and you should go around.  Bottom line - airspeed control over the fence is critical with the Q200 for a pretty landing.  Check your tail wheel pivot bolt if you have one.  Per plans it's an AN3 and I bend mine a lot!
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On Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 4:43 PM Corbin via <> wrote:
Well, the flight was great but the landing had tons of room for improvement.  In fact, it was my worst landing in all my 843 hours (only 56 hrs in the Q200 though).  Thought I would share on this quiet afternoon in case  anyone notices anything I am not thinking of that could have contributed.  Hard to do without being there, I know.

I had the reflexor "deployed" as usual and was good'ish on airspeed across the numbers.  Maybe a little fast at 90mph but had 7,000ft of runway to bleed it off.  I had the power out, floated some, and let it settle but didn't realize I was getting the nose a bit high.  Airspeed bled off fast and I plopped it down.  Then was holding on for a wild ride on the rollout since I came down harder than normal.  I was going left of the centerline quickly and it didn't seem to want to go right much with my quick jabs on the right pedal. 

It was acting as if the tailwheel wasn't down...but surely it had to be.  Anyway, as I was going left of centerline at a near 30 degree angle it seemed fast again.  Could have just seemed fast since I wasn't going straight down the runway like normal.  That's the point where I glanced down at the tach and think I saw 850rpm.  Honestly, I am not  sure what  my normal rpm is right after touch down.  Since my hand was still on the throttle, I think I was still holding it all the way out but maybe I pulled the rest of the power out at that point?  I wonder if I had accidentally put some throttle back in when I plopped it down  because it seemed I plopped it down slow and then it darted left.

It sure was frustrating as I slowly got back to centerline and taxied all the way back to the hangar.  Some things I know I did wrong were I definitely didn't fly it all the way to the ground and stalled it a little high by getting nose high to high from the pavement.  But the high RPM or possibility of power still in sure did add to the wild ride.

The short flight before that sure was great though!

Corbin Ge!ser



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