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John Hoxie

Great beautiful pictures Mike. Beautiful panel. Glad everything is working well.

On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 2:52 PM, Jim Patillo
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Nice pictures Mike,

We are both fortunate and blessed with usual great weather and beautiful scenery.  No boring landscapes around here!
Thanks for all your posts and videos. I'm just to lazy to do it anymore. Just want to fly and stay in my element. Glad to hear your engine is happy.😎

I fly tomorrow, yeah.

N46JP Q200

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Flew an hour today.  Took some pictures along the way and made a video out of them.  
The Q200 performed flawlessly and ATC didn't even yell at me!  A perfect flight and a near perfect 85F day.  I don't think there is anything broken and I can't detect any oil consumption so the engine is running the best it ever has!

Mike Dwyer N3QP TampaBay Florida

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