Re: Old Video - Subaru Q2

Jon Finley

Thanks Jim!! I appreciate that very much!

Yea, I got a call shortly after the accident occurred. They were flying in the late afternoon in early May. As I recall, density altitude at that time was around 7,500'-8,000'.  He relayed to me that THEY (at or over gross) managed to slam it on the runway TWICE at Belen (BRG) - he said "we hit very hard and went around" (both times). That resulted in something breaking which caused the elevator to freeze. They then flew it to ABQ to finish it off.  Given what I saw in the picture, I wondered if the canard/elevator were broken during those first two hits. If so, it is amazing that it held together for the 30 mile flight to ABQ.

Based on what I was told, both were from back east near sea level and had no experience with mountain/high density altitude.  I tried to talk him into trailing it home and learning to fly it in a familiar environment.

Jon Finley
Somewhere in the Southwest flying an RV-4

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