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Jay Scheevel

Here is more information on the Exhaust Valve report that I sent last week. FYI. There is a link in here for FAQ’s




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Subject: Savvy FEVA 2.0 Exhaust Valve Report


Savvy Aviation FEVA 2.0 Valve Failure Risk Analysis

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FEVA 2.0 has launched!

FEVA 2.0, the next iteration of Savvy’s Failing Exhaust Valve Analytics, provides improved accuracy, regular reports and a new graphical presentation. All of our SavvyMx, SavvyQA and SavvyAnalysis Pro clients who had recent flight data uploaded to our SavvyAnalysis platform received a “Valve Failure Risk” report last week.

FEVA 2.0 uses machine learning technology to “learn” what combination of 34 predictor variables point to a higher than average likelihood of valve failure. This is possible because of the 2.5 million flights of engine monitor data uploaded to Savvy since 2014 and Savvy’s deep trove of maintenance data going back to 2008. You can read more about FEVA 2.0 in the FEVA FAQ.

Some of our clients who received the report were alarmed because they were not expecting it, and they thought it meant they had a problem. (The subject line of the email didn’t help, either.) We have fixed that, and have made the chart presentation more helpful and comprehensible based on feedback from you. We’re very sorry we alarmed some of you -- we do understand our job is to make your maintenance less stressful, not more!

We plan to send the FEVA 2.0 report to you weekly if data from five new flights has been uploaded to your Savvy account. We believe FEVA 2.0 is an important component of an engine condition monitoring program, and we encourage you to keep your engine monitor data up to date so that you will receive the FEVA 2.0 reports regularly.

If you didn't receive a FEVA 2.0 report, it is likely that you had not uploaded data recently. Use the button below to upload your engine monitor data and automatically receive FEVA 2.0 reports!

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