Facet Fuel Pump

Mike Dwyer

As reported earlier my 20 year old Facet Fuel pump failed last week.  These things now go for $70 (auto parts store) but the BraveX (knockoff?) sells for $20.  I've got one flight in with the BraveX and seems to be nice.  It's virtually the same form fit and function as the Facet but it runs quieter.

I made a video so you can hear the difference in the two pumps when dry.  They are both pretty quiet when they have fuel to pump.  The video also shows the 20 year old Facet pump insides.  I'm always curious what's inside stuff so I took it apart.  The Facet previously did nothing when powered up but on the bench when I jumped the protection diode the darn thing started working and now won't quit.

Funny that today Facet advertises the pump as new "Solid State Fuel Pump" but it looks like 20 years ago it was also solid state!  Marketing...

We'll see how long the BraveX runs!

youtube video

Mike Dwyer

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