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Dave Dugas

Hi Joe
I can't say whether or not the pictured outlet design is any better than the plans built cowl flap, which is what I have. By having nice fitting engine baffling really made the biggest difference in cooling, both CHT and oil temperature. In cool or cold OATs my oil temperature struggles to reach 160, so the option to close the flap to me is a benefit. My CHTs are steady at 340 to 350 degrees, and my oil temperature at cruise is 200 on the hottest days, never exceeding 210 degrees. If you purchased your Q2 with either version, it wouldn't be worth it to change it until you know how the climate and type of flying you do affects engine temps.
 I will be hosting the August Zoom meeting, and it will coincide with my annual so it would be a good time for you to see my setup. It's been a lot of trial and error over the 20 years or so that I've been flying my Q2, so hopefully some of the things I've done can save some time for you. I'm going to be going to Enid in September so if you fly in with your Q2, I'd love to see it. Even if you drive to FOD I can remove the cowl and try to help you out. 
Dave D

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I see the Citabria uses the same design.


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I think that Dave Dugas is your best source on this. His Revmaster has been flying a long time and he seems to cool it adequately.   Dave, you out there?





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Q-talk 119 had a cowl mod. Is that the best way to cool a Revmaster?

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