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Martin Skiby

I have the 4-1 but I’m thinking back I think you may need a 2-1 because of where the 4-1 crossed over and it may interfere with your fuel injection system.



On Jul 4, 2020, at 5:44 PM, Martin Skiby <mskiby@...> wrote:

Corbin,  we have an original 4 into 1 system that came with the Q200 kit.   

PM me if you want it.



On Jul 4, 2020, at 5:26 PM, Mike Conlin via <conlin_m@...> wrote:

I have a 4 into 1 that could be used for a template.  It was on a q200 i flew in  the 80's. 

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Date: 7/4/20 4:00 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: [Q-List] Looking for Q200 Exhaust

Does anyone have an exhaust system sitting around in a dark corner for sale?

My current exhaust set up is a cross over design that runs two pipes across and in front of engine (pics below).  I am installing the Light Speed Ignition system and the pick up plate hits the top exhaust with the current setup.  I will need to change my exhaust to a 2 in 1 on each side (or a 4 in 1) so that I can get the clearance for the mounting plate.  Klaus no longer makes or recommends the Hall effect for the mag hole so I am left with changing up the exhaust.

Before I go to the trouble of having exhaust made, I wanted to check to see if anyone has an exhaust system for sale.  Please let me know if you do and pictures always help.



IMG_1652.jpegIMG_1656.jpegIMG_1653.jpeg   IMG_1658.jpeg

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