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Bruce Crain

Sweet! Something every day even if it is a small thing. Hope to see your project in the air soon!
On Jul 12, 2020, at 9:34 AM, Dorothea Keats <dkeats@...> wrote:

 I am thirty years late, but starting to build the canard and wing. I am using an inboard gear on the canard like my Dragonfly so the bottom of the canard is flat. I have all the jigging in place, level with a digital level and lazer level. The foam cores were also leveled with a digital level before cutting.

When installing the foam from BL 15 to BL48 and to BL100 they all fit very well. When going to install the BL31.9 jig, it does not fit quite level, It is off about 1/16th in the front.

Do I need this jig in place? What I am doing tomorrow is to mark each jig at

number 4 and 12 from the cutting templates. I will then get some 5/8 steel drywall channel, notch out the jigs and glue the channel in place.

Hopefully this will give me some straight structural support for the foam. If need be I can support the channel between the jigs. This will allow me not to use the 31.9 template.

Any ideas and or critisism is welcome. Take care---------------Chris

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