Re: Video of Field of Dreams 2019!

Dragonfly Russell

Thank you for putting in the time and making this available to everyone, Alan.

The gathering was a great time!  I’m looking forward to watching the video. Next time I’ll know to avoid your camera!! 😁

Russell Austin

On Jul 15, 2020, at 12:12 AM, millenniumflier via <millenniumflier@...> wrote:

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well. Yesterday, I sent out an e-mail to the Q List, but it seems that very few received it, I just talked with a few friends and they have no trace of anything from me on the Q List yesterday, so I’m re-sending this, in the hopes that it will get through ok, as some messages don’t seem to go through, or if they do, they wind up in your spam folder. I wanted to let everyone know that I have been working hard on editing together all the video footage that I took at our Field of Dreams event last year in Enid, and finally have a really nice presentation to share. In the past, I had made professional quality DVD sets, complete with a nice case, graphics, motion menus, and even spread over two discs, but all these years later, I’m not sure who might even still have DVD players around. I do, but then I guess I’m a dinosaur! So I am posting the video on YouTube, it’s free for the whole world to see, and no worries about getting a bad disc in the mail, or region mis-matches, or sending me a check and all….

It came out to just over an hour and a half, and is a nice encapsulation of the fun, food and fellowship that we shared last September in Enid. I was able to retain most of our big Saturday night Banquet proceedings, though that alone, ran well over 3 hours. But the history that Jim Masal shared of our organization is priceless, and that made the cut. As an actor/filmmaker, I have learned that less is more, yet there is still a story to be told, so I hope everyone enjoys it.

Again, I hope you get this, and if you can take a look at it, please do let me know if you experience any issues, like sync problems, gaps, stupid ads, and I’ll try to get back to YouTube on those. It took almost 8 hours alone to upload and process, so there could be some hiccups, but I wanted it in hi-def, so I hope will look good to you. My final edited version that did finally get uploaded seemed to play fine. Stream it if you can to your big-screen TV, it should look great! Please feel free to leave comments too! Especially, I guess, let me know if you were able get the YouTube link below and if it works, thanks!

I wanted it to be a nice reminder of the time we spent together last year, and for those who weren’t able to attend, I hope the video will help you think about trying to make our next event and will serve as a shot-in-the-arm for you to keep building. We always come away refreshed, encouraged and re-vitalized as builders and flyers!

Enjoy and let me know how y’all like it!

Be safe out there, and fly safe,

Alan Thayer

Quickie 1, Q-2, LongEZ,

Livermore, CA

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