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John Hoxie

I've done it myself with the tail section, engine & canopy all off and instro panel out. Be careful you don't sit it on your fuel vent box ram air tube, like I did if you have one.

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Your plan will work but I would suggest finding 2 or 3 people to help you flip it. That way you have much better control than strapping it to a forklift and possibly damaging the fiberglass.  

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I am new to the group, but I could use some wisdom.  My Q-2 is basically complete with wheels and brakes and all, but I need to work on the bottom.  The engine is off.  Any great ideas for how to turn the beast over without harming it?  I am pretty isolated out in the country, so plans that involve a dozen friends are not very practical.  I have some 2 X 4's screwed to the engine mount and was planning to roll it over on its nose, and I do have a forklift.  Thanks in advance.  

John Lewis

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