Spring Fling

Bruce Crain

Thank you Kevin for a fun Spring Fling! Honey Lamb and I made it home with 35 mph head winds almost all the way home! The hanger at home was 104 degrees! For the trip up to Decorah we had 175+ ground speeds! Woo hoo! Great to see everybody and catch up on what’s happening with their airplanes and lives!
It was especially wonderful to see Sanjay and his Q200 fly into DEH! Also sweet to see Jay and his TriQ which is immaculate! Also Kevin and Paul’s Q’s are still really pretty. Great to see a couple of new faces and also to see Keith and his really nice T18!
Thanks again to you Kevin! I finally made it to the Spring Fling! Honey Lamb really enjoyed playing with us to! She wishes she could have stayed to talk with Brenda more! Hope to see everybody in a coupe of months!
Bruce and Honey Lamb
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