Re: Sparrow Strainers - Why and Why Not?

Martin Skiby

Well said Jerry.



On Jul 26, 2020, at 5:04 AM, Jay Scheevel <jay@...> wrote:

The sparrow strainers on the LS1 are a band-aid. The LS1 airfoil was not designed to have an articulated trailing edge (the elevator). This is because there is a significant under-camber near the trailing edge. The airflow across the trailing edge causes the free floating elevator to move trailing edge up in flight and would require the pilot to compensate with significant aft stick pressure, just to hold the elevator in trail (neutral). The sparrow strainers counter this tendency, so stick pressure is balanced in flight. The shape of the GU canard/elevator does not require this correction, so no sparrow strainers are needed.


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"Corbin via" <c_geiser@...> wrote:

Help educate me on this old topic.  I understand what they do regarding pitch, however, why do some of us not have them?  Is it a GU vs LS1 thing or is it simply a “don’t have a pitch issue to fix” thing?



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