Reflexor and elevator control tubes

Kevin Boddicker

You had asked about the reflexor and elevator push pull tubes and adjustment for roll trim.
I will attempt to attach some pics for you.

Reflexor installed. The aluminum holds the cookie in the ring, and applies the friction to keep it in place. The bolt at the top is a b-nut that captures the control wire. the control is a veneer cable in the cockpit.  
The stainless cable is for the rudder. 

Elevator control rods. If you look closely, you can see the friction tube that is on the left control rod. Just a piece of clear tube. The ID is tight on the metal parts. No movement with vibration. There is a left thread on one end and a right thread on the other.  Cardinal Rule! DO NOT ADJUST DURING FLIGHT. It would be a bad day if the tube came disconnected in flight. There are no jamb nuts on them. 520 hours and so far I have had no trouble.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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