Dave Dugas' Q-2 presentation upload on hold

Sam Hoskins


I was able to get Dave's presentation uploaded, but when he saw it, he realized that the recording quality was so poor, that no one would probably want to sit through it.  This may be an on-going problem with Zoom. With each presenter, we do a test Zoom from their hangar, and honestly, I wouldn't lie, the broadcast quality was just fine. Maybe it has to do with local weather conditions. At any rate, Dave has kindly volunteered to repeat his presentation, not on Zoom, on some device, then upload it via WiFi and we'll get it on YouTube.  It may be a week or two, so please be patient.

In that same line Keith Welsh has re-recorded his presentation but hasn't had a chance to upload it yet.  So that is in the works.

Reaction to the presentations has been very good but it looks like we will have to move to more of a pre-recorded format.  Maybe we can release the recording, then have a Zoom Q&A shortly after where you guys could ask the follow up questions.  Also, Mike Dwyer is working on another format for his October session, where he may combine a pre-recorded film, but combine it with a Zoom meeting.  It will be interesting if that method works.

Anyhoo, stay tuned and please stay patient.



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