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Richard Thomson

Thanks Jay,

I have the uprated leg, but set it up with the 10 inch tyre, to the + 3 Degree,  it looks good on the wheels currently, but it is an option if the lift off needs assistance.

I was more meaning the ply rating, are you running 4, 6 or 8 ply ? As you are running 11" will be slightly different anyway.



On 11/08/2020 16:51, Jay Scheevel wrote:
Hi Richard,

Most people use the original 4" rim and tire size that came with the tri-gear kit (also most people have the heavier-duty Scott Swing/Velocity gear leg and fork). I initially used the 5" rim with the 11" tire that is intended for the main gear also on the nose. Plan was to have same on all three wheels and carry a spare to replace any of them. I changed my mind on the mains and went to the 500x5 on the mains, but left the 11" tire on the nose. Since you have the 500x5 mains, you may want to do this since it raises the nose a bit, which helps with rotation on take off and gives more prop clearance.


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Hi Jay,

slightly off subject but have you done a survey of what Nose tyres people are using ?



On 11/08/2020 00:56, Jay Scheevel wrote:
I am thinking my main wing was 38 pounds and my canard was 60 (I have the LS-1 with carbon fiber spar).


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I just finished the top skin layup on the wing and am doing the canard top on Wednesday. Does anyone remember their weight for wing and canard Q200 at this stage? Curious as to where I stand.

Also, in the plans it says to put the rudder pedals where comfortable.
I am 5 10 1/2. Can someone around my height measure from the inside firewall to the mount point for their rudder pedals and let me know. It will save me a bit of figuring. Thanks Chris

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