Re: Axle locations

David J. Gall

Thanks for the testimonial, Mike. Yes, those are sure close enough to be
"the Gall numbers." I guess I'll have to start calling 'em the "Dwyer
numbers" since you did it first. I always kinda suspected.... :-)

David J. Gall

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In 1985 my axle holes were set to sight an inch and a half forward of each
other at gross (the Gall numbers? = toe out and no camber @ gross). After
15 years the canard creeped enough to be about 3 degrees camber - see

The ground handling slowly degraded to the point where at 3 degrees I
could still fly and land but it was touchier.

Using the laser was a pain, it was easier to just sight down the axel

Mike, Q-200

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