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Bruce Crain

I think John Hoxie would “fall down and call you blessed” if you pick him up!  No pressure tho.  Should be fun flying 2 ship!
Be safe!

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Thanks, Bruce and Jon. So, planning to meet up with Jon in TCS and flight of 2 from there. That means I need to be in TCS some time Wednesday. Jon is advising that mornings good, afternoons bad! If I tried to drop into TCS Wednesday pm the temps would still likely be in the 90s but hopefully the winds would calm down toward 6:00 pm maybe?   I might feel alright about that if weather permits. Otherwise I will launch out early Wednesday and get in to TCS around 10:00 am. I’m afraid Jon is going to give me a talking to. 

Another thought to ponder - if I fly out solo I might be able to pick up John Hoxie at ALM. Do folks fly up hwy 54 from ELP to ALM along that corridor between restricted areas?


On Aug 25, 2020, at 7:58 PM, Bruce Crain <jcrain2@...> wrote:

You are on the calendar for Thursday arrival.  Also have your dash 2 and 3 for Thursday!  Let's start early for a great time together!  And that is an offer to everyone!

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Just reserved my room in Enid for Thursday, Friday and Saturday and got vacation approved so I plan on being there afternoon Thursday Sept 17. Yipeeeee. 

Phil - this time in a RV6-A

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Are you going to make it to Field  of Dreams 30th this year? It would be really nice to see you there. 

N46JP Q200

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