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David J. Gall


Isn't "pupating" something that caterpillars do? :-)

I've always been a fan of the Farnum tailwheel and the LaRue brakes. These
are, without a doubt, the best ways to accomplish these two tasks. I didn't
think it was necessary to "include" them in my alignment suggestion, because
I was not trying to catalog everything into a single be-all end-all fix. I
was trying to explain a cause-effect relationship and explore a solution.
Certainly, people should address other issues like brakes and tailwheel
geometry besides just the alignment when attempting to fix a squirrely

I don't understand why you think this is an either/or situation, or what
thinking leads you to suggest that my alignment procedure somehow "masks"
some other problem. There are many issues to be addressed on these
airplanes. Some of them interact. Your agenda seems to be an exclusionary
one, and I don't know why. We're both trying to solve the same problem, and
we're both bringing useful tools to the shop. The guys at Tire Kingdom
always seem to be trying to sell me new brakes AND new tires AND new shocks
AND an alignment AND a steering dampener -- how come at your airplane shop
it seems to be an alignment OR those other four things, preferably the

Just "chrysalising,"

David J. Gall
P.S. It would be interesting to know

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Thanks for the page and you bring up good points. I don't recall you
asking for input but may have missed your page. Here goes.

Specifically Bob and I have installed toe brakes, full swiveling tail
wheel, reflex and La Rue Brake Mod, which makes these airplanes very very
tame! We set our axle with canard upside down sighting through the axle
holes and installed per LS-1 canard plans (sighting forward on inside of
opposite wheel pant for the hole location). About a year ago, I drew a
string through all four holes of my axles, stretched tight with the canard
upside down and the measurements were same as first time I did the
installation. When loaded, the wheels will splay out just like most other
loaded airplanes.

The toe brakes keep you straight down the runway, maintaining control at
all times while freeing your hands for other things. The swiveling tail
wheel with Farnum Bellcrank mod (internal springs on mine) keeps the tail
wheel centered, absorbs shock, does not skid as easily and allows for
rotations on one wheel when turning in tight spaces. Everybody knows the
reflexor simply puts pressure on the tail wheel for added control when
landing. The La Rue brake mod smooths the "foot feel" and quality and
equally applies the pucks without binding and seems to stop the airplane

Don't get me wrong, I'm not pupating the Gall Mod, I simply suggest there
may be other reasons why a persons AC needs the Mod and might want to look
further for the reason first rather than covering it up with something else.
Failing to accomplish that task then the Mod might seem appropriate and
otherwise helpful. However, I still don't think camber has much to do with
the initial "bad handling airplane" and would suggest that new builders
make the mods we describe, go taxi and if not happy, then do the Gall Mod
if necessary. You might be surprised, you could just be " lucky like me and
BOB ".

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