Re: Those with Light Speed Electronic Ignition...

Jim Patillo

Hey Corbin,

Pay special attention to those spade connectors you crimped onto the coil ends of the RG Cables from the Plasma 3’s. Check and pull on those connections to make sure all wires are tight. If even one connection comes loose inside the crimp, the engine can and will run rough, until you turn that ignition off.  I found out the hard way over the Badlands of South Dakota headed for Rapid City. Once I shut down #1, #2 Plasma ran fine.

When we got to Rapid City, I pulled the cowl and started investigating. Couldn’t see anything amiss so I started pulling on the spade connectors At the coils. One wire slipped loose but was still sitting in the connector, crimped on a new one and flew on. I think I had about 300 hours on the ignitions when it happened. This a weak spot in the system, IMO.

Both Plasma 3’s Ignitions have performed flawless since.


N46JP  Q200


N46JP Q200

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