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Jay Scheevel

Hi Corbin,


I do not have this type of system, but I do have one side with  a high energy fixed-advance electronic ignition (the other side is a mag). I have my coil on the firewall with a dedicated blast tube to cool it and also a blast tube on the computer controller.  I would be concerned about heat soak on your coils as you have them mounted. Coils get hot. You probably need to mount some blast tubes on the top of your cowl or coming from the carbon plenums in order to keep the coils cool. Since your cylinder cooling is done via plenums, the air above the engine is stagnant and gets hot, hotter still with the coils there.


Also, I think the horizontal aluminum plate is going to vibrate like crazy with the weight of those coils on the ends. Expect it to crack in the center after a while unless you put some kind of silicone foam support between the coils and the engine case to damp their vibration.





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For those interested,  here is where I have decided to mount the ignition coils. Both are below the highest point (the fuel spider).   The two that are mounted to the aluminum plate (nearest the magnet plate) will actually be mounted below the plate;  I didn't have the right hardware so just temp mounted for the photo.



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